Why do you need an FD?

The role of a part-time FD

Typically, a Part Time Finance Director (FD) is used by forward-thinking organisations that have reached the point where the expertise of a FD is the only way to safeguard its financial interests and the best way to guarantee its continued growth.

In the form of a Part Time FD, the experience of a commercial FD is now affordable for SME’s as you only pay for the skills when you need them. Some of the practical benefits include:

  • Improvement of accuracy and flow of information
  • Advise and report on your company’s financial performance
  • Ensure sufficient working capital to run your business
  • Lead role in raising finance to fund growth
  • Forward looking by preparation of budgets and rolling forecasts, ensuring your growth strategy remains on track
  • Attendance at monthly/quarterly review meetings
  • Dependable, consistent availability and communication throughout the course of the partnership
  • Direct contact with your key business relationships (Accountant, HMRC, Bank Manager)
  • Offload all of the problems of your finance department, an FD will support and mentor your team
  • Enhance your current senior management team
  • Free business owners up to concentrate on growth
  • Assistance in reviewing possible Mergers/Acquisitions
  • Grooming your business ready for sale

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